~ Expert Testimonials ~

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“I had a patient in the military whom I needed to refer to a different provider. My biggest concern about this referral was that the patient was high ranking, guarded, and could be difficult to work with. This differed from other referrals I had made in that there was a requirement for continued open communication with the patient’s Military leadership when needed. I felt a referral to Dr. Selkirk would be a great decision because I knew Dr. Selkirk to be an excellent clinician whose work showed through even with the most challenging patients.  I referred this patient to Dr. Selkirk and the patient responded extremely well and continued successfully in treatment.”

Carrie H. Profitt, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“I have experienced Dr. Selkirk as extremely professional and competent. It is evident that she cares deeply about her patients and their healing and recovery. She is the kind of Psychologist that I would trust with the care of those I love most.”

~ Courtney A. Pollman-Turner, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Lieutenant, U.S. Navy

“I worked with Dr. Selkirk for several years. I am honored to have her as my colleague and fortunate that she had graciously offered to continue working with several of my patients after I had to relocate. Of particular concern were several patients with whom I had built a strong therapeutic alliance and who I worried would have difficulties working with a new therapist. Dr. Selkirk made the transition seamless. She showed empathy and understanding for my patients’ concerns. During the transition period, it became evident that my patients were doing very well and had started to develop a strong alliance with Dr. Selkirk. Her ability to quickly establish a sound therapeutic relationship with patients and her impeccable knowledge of assessment, diagnosis and therapeutic interventions along with her patience and empathy allowed me to feel confident that my patients would be taken care of. To any individual who is facing a challenging life situation, who is seeking self-improvement or who is struggling with mental health related issues, I would highly recommend seeking out Dr. Selkirk’s services. In my experience, her genuine care and expertise will serve you well and will set the stage for a brighter future.”

~ Sandra A. Pahl, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“Dr. Selkirk has been a colleague for several years and despite having left the clinic some months ago is still getting by-name requests for follow up visits from her old patients. She created a safe and comfortable environment from which her patients were able to identify, interpret, and explore pieces of themselves without fear of judgement or reprimand. I would recommend her to the closest of friends.”

~ Melanie E. Roberson, M.D., Psychiatrist, Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy

“I had the privilege of working with Dr. Selkirk for two years while we both worked at Naval Hospital Pensacola.  During that time I came to respect her interest in and devotion to her patients, regardless of rank or station.  Her patients consistently submitted high ratings, which reflected her warmth, clinical skills and willingness to listen.  Unlike many of her peers, Dr. Selkirk didn’t rely on “manualized” approaches to therapy.  She treated each patient as an individual whose unique life experiences required a carefully crafted approach to therapy.  When I decided to retire in 2015 I referred most of my patients to Dr. Selkirk, since I knew that they would get the best service available in our facility.  Later on, when I would run into former patients that I had referred to Dr. Selkirk their reports of being very comfortable with her and pleased with their treatment was pleasing to hear and only served to reinforce my confidence in her as a fellow psychologist.”

~ David Dean, Ed.D., Senior Psychologist

“In November 2014, while serving as a full-time active duty clinical psychologist at Naval Hospital Pensacola (NHP), I got ordered to deploy for 90 days on short notice. While I was excited about the opportunity to serve my country on this deployment, I was concerned about my NHP patients continuing to get the mental health care that they needed while I was gone. While I felt comfortable referring most of my patients to any available qualified mental health provider during my absence, I had a few patients with complex situations that I did not want to refer to just anyone. In particular, I remember a female patient who I had just started treating prior to me getting my deployment notification. After many years dealing with the pain associated with a past traumatic experience, the patient had finally gotten up the courage to seek help from a mental health professional. After working with me for a few sessions, she was finally able to tell her painful story. Then, un-expectantly I got my orders to deploy and I had to try to find another psychologist who could care for this patient at such a sensitive time in her treatment. Thankfully, Dr. Selkirk was working at NHP as a clinical psychologist as well at the time and she agreed to provide treatment for this patient during my deployment. While this patient was very hesitant to start working with a new provider so soon after disclosing her traumatic past for the first time to me, Dr. Selkirk was able to provide such a safe and compassionate atmosphere, that the patient was quickly able to feel comfortable working with her. Dr. Selkirk helped the patient work through her past painful memories to find a place of healing and comfort. After I returned from my deployment, I got to touch base with my former patient.   She shared with me how grateful she was to have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Selkirk while I was gone. She shared how working with Dr. Selkirk had helped her find meaning, purpose, and joy in her life again. She thanked me for referring her to Dr. Selkirk, the perfect provider for her during such a challenging time.”

~ Wade T. Keckler, Psy.D., ABPP, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Public Health Service

~ Patient Testimonials ~

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The following are unsolicited testimonials from some of my former patients. To protect confidentiality, some of the identifying details have been changed but the core meaning of the statements have been preserved.

“I feel like before coming to therapy with you I didn’t really exist, like there was nothing inside but this huge emptiness. But now after a year I feel I exist for the first time, Like I was just born.”

“You’ve helped me want to let go of my anger! I still want to get things done in the most efficient and best way but I feel I don’t need the anger anymore. I feel a real sense of confidence, like I don’t have to fake acting confident and yelling and hollering to get things done, and I feel more peaceful!”

“You have helped me and my family more than I can explain. You helped me let go of my “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” and realize I’m enough! My kids actually want to spend time with me now.”

“I always feel better after talking to you. You have a way of making me feel like I’m normal and sane and it’ll all be ok!”

“After months of therapy with you I feel hopeful now, like I am getting back the old me, the me before the trauma.”

“Over the course of therapy with you at some point I realized I don’t want to die anymore! I can actually say that and mean it now. It feels amazing!”

“You always treated me with respect, like I actually matter. I have never had that feeling before. And now I see I deserve it. You helped me feel what it’s like to be treated like a real person with feelings and opinions. I can never thank you enough for that.”

*Please note: If you choose to work with me, you will never be required to provide a testimonial, nor will anything you share with me be used without your express permission or in a way that might compromise your confidentiality.

~ Staff Testimonials ~

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This is some feedback from psychiatric technicians and administrative staff in the hospital, who would see patients check in and out of my office.

People come out of your office with a smile on their face. They always look genuinely happier after a session with you!”

I’ve noticed this with many of your Patients, that after a year or so of seeing you in therapy they are actually nicer people than when they first showed up to mental health; like they actually treat us (psychiatric technicians) with more respect!”

“Dr. Selkirk has been such an inspiration for me as a Psychiatric Technician. As a 19-year-old showing up to my first Navy Command and getting paired up with a Mental Health provider I had never met, was nerve-wracking for me. My first thought of Dr. Selkirk was “Wow, she is impressive”, in a way that it became very important to me to learn from her and not let her down. Dr. Selkirk seemed really conscientious about her patients; I knew I had big shoes to fill. When I would sit in on Dr. Selkirk’s assessment or psychotherapy sessions, I would turn to look at her and think to myself, “If I was in her shoes I don’t think I would know what to say right now.” And it’s almost like Dr. Selkirk knew what I was thinking as she would reply with the perfect response without hesitation. Even with disengaged patients, not only did Dr. Selkirk build a great rapport with these patients, I also saw growth in each and every one of them. After a few sessions with Dr. Selkirk these patients would come in smiling and even talking to the front desk staff. I was so inspired to be this influential one day. Anything I didn’t understand Dr. Selkirk would sit me down and explain it to me like a teacher. I still use Dr. Selkirk’s advice to this day and honestly, I believe I am able to build great rapport with Patients because of Dr. Selkirk.”

~ HM3 Bryana Robinson, Psychiatric Technician, U.S. Navy