About Introspection Beverly Hills

In my therapy practice, I specialize in working with those struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, insomnia, and relationship issues. Drawing on cognitive behavioral therapy and a psychodynamic approach, I can help you manage distressing symptoms, develop deep self-awareness, and gain the insights that can lead to lasting healing.

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As a therapist, I do not tell you what to think or how to feel about your experiences. The only revelations that matter here are your own. Throughout our work together, you can find the sense of self-acceptance and empowerment you need to resolve challenges and fully engage with a lighter, more fulfilling life.

What to Expect


Your first step is to click the “Contact Me” button and leave your name and email address on the following secure, confidential page. Within 24 hours, our scheduling team will contact you to provide you our initial office forms and policies, and request additional information from you that helps us schedule your initial session. If you are using your health insurance carrier for services, we will contact them and verify your insurance benefits. We then contact you with the next available appointment day/time. If your sessions are conducted via Telehealth, we will email you your Telehealth meeting link.

Psychodiagnostic Assessment (or initial intake):

During the assessment you will have a chance to tell me what is going on for you and explain the precipitating factors leading up to your current thoughts and feelings. I will ask additional questions that will help me obtain an accurate understanding of what you are going through and determine how I may be able to assist you. I will share my understanding of what the problem is and make recommendations for treatment. We may also ask you to complete self-assessment measures and computerized tests that assess various cognitive functions so we can have a baseline of your functioning and a way to track progress in the future.

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If you choose to work with me, you will be scheduled for weekly sessions. You have complete autonomy to reschedule or cancel sessions as you need. I have consistently heard from patients who prefer to know they have continuity of care and a dependable routine for therapy, and I’ve specifically selected this scheduling format to respects this wish. Please note that your participation in psychotherapy is completely voluntary and you may withdraw from treatment at any point without incurring penalties.

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Important Note on Medication use and Management:

As a licensed psychologist prescription of psychiatric medication is outside my scope of practice. However, sometimes my patients are prescribed psychiatric medication by their psychiatrist or primary care physician. Research shows that for those patients who are prescribed medication, an enhanced understanding of the medication results in adherence to the medication regiment and ultimately increased health outcomes including safety and efficacy. At Introspection Beverly Hills I take a wholistic team-based approach to your healthcare by collaborating with other licensed healthcare professionals in the local community to better serve your overall healthcare needs. In that light, I work closely with a licensed Doctor of Pharmacy to provide you the opportunity to receive individualized consultation about the medications you are prescribed and ask questions about the various interaction effects they might have on your unique biochemistry.

If you are on psychiatric medication, upon completion of your psychodiagnostics assessment with me I will recommend that you schedule a consultation with Dr. Tina Alidad, Doctor of Pharmacy and founder of Thrive RX Consulting, in order to understand:

  • How your medication works to reduce your symptoms
  • What possible side effects your medication has
  • How your various medications interact with one another
  • How to avoid any such drug interactions
  • What lifestyle changes may improve the function of your medication

    For your convenience this consultation can take place on site at my location. I will guide you on how to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Alidad. For my Concierge patients the initial consultation with Dr. Alidad is complimentary

Continuing Sessions:

6 hands clasped in circleThroughout the remaining treatment sessions, you can expect to arrive in my office and take a seat wherever you feel most at ease, whether on the couch or in one of my comfortable chairs (or if your sessions are virtual, we will be using Zoom For Healthcare). You can begin by providing me a brief update on your week since our last session, pointing out anything that might be pertinent to my understanding of your state of mind, such as any changes in your environment, recent occurrences in your life, or interactions in your interpersonal relationships. Then, you can feel free to talk about whatever you feel serves you in reaching your treatment goals. I will be present with you as you explore your experience, witnessing and providing space for any thoughts and feelings that arise for you. While I ask a number of questions during the psychodiagnostic assessment, in follow-up treatment sessions, I listen attentively, and speak when I feel I have something valuable to add that would serve us in reaching your treatment goals. In the safe space of the therapy room, you can practice claiming a sense of agency over your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do patients pay in advance or after the session or training is completed?

Sessions are paid for at the time that you schedule them online. Sessions are paid for using a credit or debit card. No money is exchanged at the time of the session.

How quickly can I expect to hear back from you?

Once you leave your name and email on our secure and confidential form, I typically get back to you within 24 hours.

How long are sessions?

Most our sessions are 40 or 60 minutes long. The concierge consultation session is up to 2 hours. Some computerized testing sessions are longer but that depends on the test.

How can I find your therapy practice?

I am located in Beverly Hills’ Golden Triangle, on North Camden Drive (one block west of the famous Rodeo Drive, just south of South Santa Monica Blvd). My office is on the sixth floor of the Wells Fargo building. Please let the receptionist on the 6th floor know you are here to see me, and enjoy our peaceful waiting area while I come to get you.

There is metered street parking available, as well as a parking structure that offers free one-hour parking just across the street. One of my treatment packages (The Concierge Experience) offers complimentary in-house valet parking for the duration of the treatment session.

You Can Begin Today

Please click “Contact Me” so we can find out if I can be of assistance to you. You can ask any questions you may have about my therapy practice in Beverly Hills, CA.

Alaleh “Allie” Selkirk, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Education, a Doctorate in General Psychology, and a Post-Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She started her career as an elementary school teacher. While raising her small children, Dr. Selkirk became increasingly curious and passionate about human development, leading her to pursue a Ph.D. in Psychology. She became a Commissioned Naval Officer and a Navy psychologist for nine years before entering private practice. Dr. Selkirk has specialized training in trauma treatment, depression treatment, anxiety treatment, and insomnia treatment, as well as extensive experience working with anger, relationship issues, and personality disorders. In addition to multiple Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, Dr. Selkirk is meritoriously honored as a lifetime member of America’s Registry of Outstanding Professionals, and distinguished by the International Association of Healthcare Professionals and Doctors of Excellence as a Top Psychologist in Beverly Hills, California.