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Concierge Service

The Concierge Experience is specifically designed to extend the opportunity for regular psychological treatment and continuity of care to a patient who otherwise cannot partake in regular weekly sessions. This is a patient who is extremely busy, has a hectic daily schedule with a host of professional/personal/social obligations, engages in frequent out-of-town trips, requires excess privacy from the media/press/tabloids, or prefers house calls or off-site sessions (at high-stress or overwhelming settings where additional support and grounding may be needed).

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Acute Concierge Service

The Acute Concierge Package is designed to extend the privileges of the Concierge Membership to the individual undergoing an intensely stressful event and requiring increased mental health support during this transitional period. Examples may include, but are not limited to, upcoming surgery, medical exams or treatments, recently discharged from residential treatment facility, academic exams, Personal or family stress such as upcoming marriage, divorce, birth, death, adoption, fertility treatment, or significant work projects such as filming or upcoming court trial.

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