Do You Feel Unable To Relax And Slow Down?

pile of books in front of overwhelmed studentDo you feel that you always have one more thing to do before you can feel satisfied? Before you stop to appreciate everything you’ve accomplished, you may have already moved on to the next task. Maybe you feel like there are a million things running through your head at once, from your immediate to-do list to your long-term plans. Even when it seems impossible to do it all, you might push through the exhaustion, certain that you can handle everything if you just try hard enough. As you struggle to keep your head above water, does relaxation seem like a distant dream? Do you wish you could find peace and trust that you’ve done enough?

If you are experiencing anxiety symptoms, such as heightened stress and racing thoughts, you may feel simultaneously worn down and revved up. Perhaps part of you fears that your massive to-do list will never end, while another part fears what will happen if it does. You might long for the present moment, but dread what you’ll find if you do sit quietly with yourself. Perhaps you sometimes turn to alcohol or other substances for temporary relief and escape, even though you know the looping worries are waiting right below the surface. As you try to manage this ever-present sense of agitation, you might wonder if it’s even possible to feel content and fulfilled.

Most People Experience Some Level Of Anxiety

When it comes to understanding anxiety, it’s important to note that worry and stress are useful on some level. Imagine a dial that goes from Level 1 to 10. All the way up to Level 4, anxiety can help you perceive and adapt to threats. It prompts you to look both ways before crossing the street and meet deadlines. It helps you navigate life.

However, in our fast-paced, modern society, more people are dealing with anxiety more often and with greater intensity. In the digital age, multi-tasking has become the norm, and it’s increasingly common for people to talk about exhaustion as though it’s a badge of success. If you’re not on the go all the time, it can seem like you’re letting someone down. As you try to balance all of your responsibilities, along with the internalized pressure to excel, your anxiety can creep up to Level 10. It can cease to be useful and start holding you back from the life you want.

Thankfully, there are ways to turn down the dial. By working with an experienced therapist, you can manage anxiety symptoms and feel empowered to accomplish your goals with greater ease.

Anxiety Treatment Can Help You Find Relief

As psychologists who truly understand how anxiety functions, we provide a space where you can feel calm enough to productively address challenges, but not so calm that you feel frustrated and stuck. During sessions, we meet you wherever you are and pose questions that can spark insights, with which you can better understand and manage your racing thoughts. As we work together, you can begin to assess your priorities and focus your energy and ambitions.

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Our approach to anxiety therapy is very collaborative and solution-focused. Together, we can explore the coping strategies you already have in place and determine which ones are no longer serving you. As we develop new, healthier strategies to mitigate anxious thoughts, you can expect us to listen intently with empathy, actively engaging with your needs and validating concerns as they arise. While therapy is a safe container for you to express your thoughts and feelings honestly, if we sense we are getting off track, we will pause, acknowledge any new concerns, and gently lead us back to your goals. One issue at a time, we can get closer to overcoming the root causes that fuel your distress.

One vital step toward managing anxiety is distinguishing between productive and unproductive thoughts. Using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques, it’s possible to shift your perspective as worries arise, analyze your thoughts more objectively and realistically, and challenge them before they cause distress.

If appropriate, we may also draw on mindfulness techniques, such as muscle relaxation and deep breathing, so you can practice grounding in your body and inhabiting the present moment. Depending on your interests, we can also recommend yoga, tai chi, or other exercises that support mind-body awareness and relaxation. After each session, you can walk away better equipped with new, effective tools for reducing agitation and overcoming anxiety, no matter when it arises.

As doctors with decades of years practicing psychology, we have seen anxiety in many forms, and we know what it’s like to navigate high-stress situations and environments. We also know that anxiety can drain your energy and make even the greatest success feel like just another check on the to-do list. With help, it is possible to go through life with less effort and exhaustion. You can start trusting in yourself and accomplishing your goals with greater ease.

You may have questions or concerns about anxiety therapy…

I don’t see how sitting and talking could help.

Therapy is not just about talking through your feelings. This is a block of time totally dedicated to you and your needs, and we want our work together to feel productive. Think of this space as an arena for you to brainstorm, work through challenges, and effectively problem-solve. With our training and expertise, we can help you find ways to get things done without expending so much energy. we’re here to reflect your experience back to you and offer the support and strategies you need to thrive.

What if talking about feeling anxious just makes me feel more anxious?

Therapy is a neutral, supportive space for you to let difficult emotions arise. If you begin to feel heightened anxiety or panic, we will be right there with you, helping you figure out what you need to feel calm. You can practice soothing techniques right away, without the pressure to “just deal with” distress. And, you can gain confidence in your ability to relieve stress.

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I don’t have time for anxiety treatment.

If you have a million things to do, it’s easy to feel like therapy is a waste of time. You might also worry that therapy will take away your drive or will change you into someone you’re not. In truth, therapy won’t transform you into someone who doesn’t have ambition or things to do. It will help you clarify what you want and pursue your goals with greater self-compassion and resilience.

We encourage you to tap into the impulse that brought you to this page. That urge for relief is going to bring you to this moment again and again. It’s okay to listen to your instincts and invest time in your own needs. I am here to help.

Become A More Balanced, Empowered You

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