How Does Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Differ From Other Therapy Modalities?

Often times patients and even colleagues ask me how psychodynamic psychotherapy differs from other therapy modalities,

such as Cognitive Behavioral or supportive therapies.
Psychodynamic psychotherapy is:








1️⃣ Typically open-ended, with the patient influencing the time of termination;
2️⃣ Self-correcting, in that, the psychologist readily changes her approach when something is not working;
3️⃣ Often reflects the patient’s active and discriminating selection of a psychologist with whom he or she feels comfortable;
4️⃣ Usually concerns multiple and interacting problems rather than isolated symptoms;
5️⃣ The psychologist’s and patient’s criteria for outcome include not just symptom relief but improvement in general functioning (McWilliams, 1999). 🌱

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