Yes! By changing your thought patterns!

Our emotional history has created thought patterns and conditioned responses based on events in the past – and in times of high stress, this is the fastest and easiest way the mind knows how to “see” events. “Emotional history trying to recreate the past” is the very Freudian notion of “repetition compulsion.” The battle becomes realizing and breaking the pattern of conditioning.


If you feel plagued by unhelpful thoughts, there is the hope of reducing them. We can discuss the best course of treatment for your particular struggles during a 55-minute initial consultation session at my Beverly Hills, CA practice. With the right treatment, over time, you CAN reduce the frequency and intensity of your unhelpful thoughts and gain control over your emotions.

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Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, or relationship issues, I work closely with you to find the answers you need to heal and thrive. Don’t wait to embrace all that your life can offer.

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