The term “self-care” is often associated with women or feminine practices. That’s, perhaps, because self-care is culturally thought of in feminine ways: getting a manicure, taking a bubble bath, or going to the spa.

The truth is, however, that self-care refers to virtually anything anyone does to take care of themselves. It can include exercising more regularly, making healthier dietary choices, getting enough sleep, or learning to be financially responsible.

Both men and women of any age can practice self-care.

As our society grows more accepting of the importance of mental health and the role self-care plays in our well-being, more and more men are turning toward self-care practices.

Here are five powerful benefits of self-care for men.

1. Better Physical Health

Even though we typically associate self-care with improved mental health, there are also many benefits to our physical health.

Self-care for men is on the rise—largely due to the physical benefits. Men who practice self-care are generally more healthy overall. This is because this practice encourages men to eat well, exercise often, spend time outdoors, get quality sleep every night, and to listen to their bodies.

Physical health and mental health are largely intertwined, so strong self-care practices will help improve both.

2. Improved Workplace Focus

Our jobs can be a stressful place for many of us. It is not uncommon to experience anxiety or even burnout the longer we are at a job.

Mental wellness is crucial for workplace success. Men practicing self-care usually find it easier to cope with stressors and to focus during the workday. Those who successfully use self-care techniques—such as taking a walk outdoors during their lunch break or practicing mindful breathing while at their desks—are generally happier and less stressed by the end of the day.

3. Increased Social Exposure

As self-care for men grows more popular, there has been an increase in workshops and social activities designed specifically for males. Activities such as male yoga retreats and community acupuncture classes are designed to improve mental well-being while also creating a sense of comradery and an opportunity to make new friends. 

Men who participate in social self-care activities have the bonus benefit of meeting new people in a safe, low-pressure setting. 

4. Heightened Appreciation for Hobbies and Passions

Many men find that one of the best ways to practice self-care is though designating “me” time for hobbies or interests. Part of self-care for males is dedicating time to the things that matter most or are of the most interest. This can mean anything from reading a good book to going camping or spending time at a favorite restaurant. For many men, taking “me” time may not come naturally, so it is crucial to actively make it a priority. 

When we take time for the things that truly bring us joy, we are practicing self-care. 

5.  Stronger Bonds in Relationships

When we take care of our minds and our bodies, other things in our lives often fall into place. Mental wellness plays a huge role in our ability to communicate and empathize with others.

It comes as no surprise, then, that men who are regularly practicing self-care typically have more fulfilling relationships with their loved ones. Self-care plays a large role in overall happiness and satisfaction, and consistently practicing it typically allows for stronger bonds in relationships.

If you are a man struggling to incorporate self-care into your life, my therapy services may be able to help. I work with male clients in the Beverly Hills area to help them become more comfortable with self-care practices and to teach them helpful skills. To learn more about my services, contact my office today!