Anxiety can ruin your life—one day at a time.

The constant worries about failing, what-ifs of the future, irrational and intrusive thoughts, draw to procrastinate, inability to relax, and much more, can put you down before the day has even started. And if you only focus on the big picture—the overwhelming way anxiety has weaved itself into your whole life—you may be tempted to just capitulate.

In order to overcome anxiety, you have to stop staring at the enormity of the wall confronting you and rather focus on dismantling it brick-by-brick, so to speak. When your focus is on every single day, making it the best and most anxiety-free one you can make it, that’s when you can start moving forward and overcome the intimidating barrier that has built up.

To accomplish this, concentrate on the aspect of starting off your day right with healthy morning habits.

5 Healthy Morning Habits to Help You Start Off Your Day Right

Scientific studies have provided us with an abundance of evidence that a healthy morning routine can have an amazing impact on the rest of your day. But what is the “right” routine for you if you’re dealing with anxiety?

Despite what you may think, no extremes are necessary. The most important element is that the routine needs to work well for you, nobody else. So, taking in consideration the way your mind and body function (or not function due to your anxiety), it’s vital that you find a routine which helps you start off your day with calm, focus, and positivity.

Here are some ideas for healthy morning habits to help you transform the day. Try them out, experiment with them, and personalize your morning routine to give you the most benefit.

Woman Running1. Rise earlier

Granted, waking up early may not be your thing. However, if your anxiety leads you to procrastinate a lot, rising bright and early can counteract this tendency. Research has shown that people who get up early each morning tend to not let procrastination interfere as much with their day.

So, why not gradually try waking up earlier every day and see what it can do for you.

2. Practice mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness is one of the best habits to incorporate into your morning routine to help you manage your anxiety. Just 5-15 minutes right after you’ve woken up can be of enormous benefit.

Take slow, deep breaths and focus on your breathing. As you do, just allow yourself to observe and accept whatever sensations you’re feeling and whatever thoughts may be tumbling through your mind. This simple meditation technique can help you relax, clear your mind, and get out of your head and away from your anxious thoughts.

3. Keep a daily journal

For some people with anxiety, journaling is what helps them get intrusive and irrational thinking out of their heads and onto paper (or tablet, etc.). Generally, the idea is to give yourself some quiet time. So, grab a cup of coffee or tea and let the thoughts flow out of your mind and onto your writing medium.

Journaling can help you understand more clearly what is causing you distress and allow you to process your anxious thoughts and feelings. And doing it early in the morning helps reduce stress before you ever get started with the to-dos of the day.

4. Plan out your to-dos

Speaking of tasks, instead of simply having a long to-do list, try actually scheduling out each chore first thing in the morning. Seeing how everything you need to get done fits into the hours you have available that day can help you be more realistic about what needs to be done first.

Moreover, prioritizing tasks, estimating how long each may take, and then actually giving yourself the appropriate time to do it can help you be more productive and reduce stress. Just make sure you allow yourself enough time. And don’t forget to schedule in breaks as well!

5. Engage in moderate exercise

A morning exercise routine does not have to be elaborate. A short cardio workout of 10-15 minutes can make all the difference. Turn up the music and dance or take your dog out for a brisk walk.

Research studies have demonstrated that exercising in the morning is a healthy habit that can boost your mood and reduce stress throughout the rest of the day.

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