Life’s challenges can either make you or break you… so goes the saying.

The same can be said of choices, friends, failures, and even habits. Though, the thing is that challenges, choices, friends, and failures usually stare us right in the face. We are aware of them and generally have to confront them, one way or another.

But to see our habits, we have to turn the mirror on ourselves. And even then, those that are unhealthy tend to try to disguise themselves as harmless when they are not.

Sometimes, we even let ourselves be fooled by their extent. And we think those pesky little unproductive habits we have will not make much of a difference. They are just a nuisance. Nothing more.

The truth is, habits make us who we are. They can compel us into a positive, thoughtful direction and energize us to soar and inspire. Or they drag us down into recklessness and anxiety, debilitating us until we feel like a worn out battery, drained of all its energy.

Of course, being aware of those energy-sapping habits to avoid is not always easy.

To start you off, here is a list of ten of the most common ones that drain your energy.

10 Energy-Draining Habits to Avoid

1. Forgetting to breathe

You ever noticed that when you get anxious and entrenched in problems, your breathing becomes very shallow. You literally forget to take deep, energizing breaths! But when you do not get in touch with your body, with your core self, by actually feeling yourself breathe, you will soon feel drained—physically and mentally.

2. Lacking appreciation

Practicing appreciation may seem one of the smallest habits to avoid, but it can have a big impact on your happiness. And waning happiness means waning energy. Remember, though, practicing appreciation means not only feeling it inside but also expressing it outwardly.

3. Projecting negativity

When you think and say more negative things than positive ones, your energy is sure to go out the window. That is because negativity and complaining suck the spirit out of everyone, including yourself. In effect, you become part of the problem, not part of the solution. And that especially include negativity and criticism toward yourself.

4. Living in the past

Sometimes, negativity even reaches out from the past and rips the energy from you. When you dwell on past mistakes or hold on to grudges, the only one you are hurting is yourself. Nobody benefits from your continuous feelings of resentment. Least of all you!

5. Trying to please other people

Constantly worrying about being perfect, pleasing others, and if people like you is a waste of time and energy. You end up emotionally drained because you will never be able to please or be liked by everyone. Branch out and surround yourself with people who appreciate you for who you are, motivate you to be your best, and inspire you to think in new dimensions.

6. Surrounding yourself with toxic people

In the same vein, staying in unhealthy relationships with toxic people will sap you of energy one day at a time. Being surrounded by their negative energy can feel like weights dragging you down underwater, inch-by-inch. It may surprise you how quickly you bob back up and breathe fresh air, so to speak, when you shed all that poisonous baggage.

7. Taking matters personally

Obviously, we are individuals who come with our own unique set of opinions and way of thinking. We step on each others’ toes. And so, you will not be able to connect to everyone you meet. But you should not take lack of common ground personally. The stress you will pile up on yourself will quickly smother any energy you have left to enjoy life.

8. Tagging along in life

Having the habit of simply tagging along and being only a passenger in your own life may seem like the easy road to take. Sadly, though, this stagnant inactivity does nothing to conserve your energy—it kills it, instead. Getting involved and seizing control of your life is the only antidote to this slow death of creativity and spirit.

9. Not doing what you love

Not doing what you are passionate about is a sure way to drain your energy. But it is more than that, you also have to become good at what you do, study your craft and excel in it. After all, you cannot feel good about something when you do not know how to do it well. Creativity and the search for knowledge are powerful energizers.

10. Not following through

Clearly, out of all of the habits to avoid, this is probably the one a majority of us need to work on. We say something or make promises and end up failing to carry them out. It not only makes you feel like a failure because you let someone down (sometimes yourself), which depletes you of self-esteem, and thus, energy. But you create stress, anxiety, and more work for yourself, which also robs you of energy.

There are many more habits to avoid that can sap you of valuable energy each and every day. Perhaps, when you start your own list it will go far beyond just ten.

Some habits are more deeply rooted than others and very had to overcome. You may benefit from professional guidance. If you are interested in knowing more, please contact me or learn about my approach to anxiety treatment by clicking HERE.