Walking down the street, you pass a woman with shoulders down-turned, frown lines visibly present, and prominent brow bones that make her seem to naturally scowl.

Later, you pass another woman whose chest is held high, eyes lit up, and soft facial features are welcoming.

Now ask yourself: Do their looks reveal their personality? Are you to assume that the woman with harsher features and facial expressions is a pessimist? Is the woman with a softer jawline more of a social butterfly?

The answer is: To a certain degree, it is absolutely possible to make accurate personality assessments based on physical appearance.

But just how is physical appearance linked to our personality?

What does this connection reveal to us about issues concerning plastic surgery and mental health?

Judging a Book By Its Cover

facial closeup of red headed freckled womanWe have all heard the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

So, can you really assess a person by their looks only? And what information can we gain about a person from their appearance?

Recent studies have shown that there is a connection between physical appearance and personality. We can tell a lot about a person’s extroversion based on clues such as facial expression, grooming, and posture. These clues can fairly accurately indicate an individual’s emotional state, their self-esteem, willingness to be open and trusting, and so forth.

Think about it like this, what does a person who comes to a business meeting without ironing their shirt tell you? – Less conscientious?

What does a person with prominent smile lines and crows feet tell you? – More social? Extroverted personality?

Our personality is often physically recorded on our bodies. How we carry ourselves, whether frown lines or smile lines are present, the way in which we stand and dress, and the vibrancy in our eyes are all indicators of our inner self.

Maybe She’s Born With It

woman applying lip balmThe way we groom and carry ourselves are some aspects that we consciously control. However, what about the physical aspects that we cannot regulate? Can that pre-determine our personality?

A more prominent brow bone and sharp jawline might have an effect on what kind of personality you develop. This is because of how we as a society associate certain physical attributes with types of personality. We then have the tendency to thrust these expectations upon a person who possesses those physical markers.

As we age, we are influenced by how others interact with us. And this influence can cause our personalities to develop in tangent to those social expectations.

Plastic Surgery and Mental Health

Because of how personality and physical appearance are linked, it is no wonder that plastic surgery and mental health conversations are more visible than ever.

For many of us, plastic surgery instills confidence and self-satisfaction. We are empowered by the changes we make to our physical appearance. Likewise, we hope that these changes better reflect who we are inside.

However, it is also important to consider the mental and emotional work that everyone goes through when adjusting to their new physical changes. If we consider how physical appearance and personality coincide, we cannot ignore the potential for someone who has altered their appearance to feel somewhat disconnected from themselves.

After an enhancement, you might feel more confident and carry yourself as such. However, you may have been living much more introverted before. This change in personality can leave you questioning who you are inside.

Navigating Through It All

Understanding the connection between plastic surgery and mental health is a vital tool when it comes to planning your recovery from plastic surgery. When you recognize the connection between the two, you’re more likely to seek out therapy that can guide you through your journey.

Therapy works to help ease the transition and identify what your values and beliefs are. Doing so, you’ll find that you are able to better enjoy your new life and still feel like your true self.

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