We all seek to protect and improve our mental health for happier, healthier lives.

However, finding support in our daily journey towards peace, stability, and prosperity does not always come easy. Friends and family can at times be too invested or judgmental while formal therapy can seem too cold and impersonal.

Likewise, our demanding work schedule and busy home lives often inhibit our ability to visit a therapist during standard business hours.

We want the tools and knowledge of a professional and the trusting relationship of family. Is there a way to obtain both from one source?

Finding the Right Support

climbing ropes on face of boulderMental health affects many areas of our lives. For one, mental health contributes to our physical health and wellness. It also can positively or negatively impact our professional success and ability to sustain meaningful relationships.

Finding the right support for our mental health comes with a list of challenges and frustrations. Some of us may turn to family or friends to help us solve problems but find ourselves disappointed by their invested interest in certain topics. If someone, for example, calls their mother to help navigate the stress of an on-going feud with their sister, they might find that the advice given is biased and not fully focused on their individual needs.

Likewise, traditional therapies can leave us longing for more connection, compassion, and personalization. We are not an equation or an example pulled out of a textbook, so why do we settle for therapy that is one-size fits all?

Concierge mental health care might be the perfect blend of objective perspective and personalized treatment for those seeking a more tailored support for their mental health needs.

Though, not everyone is familiar with this type of service. That’s why answering a couple of questions may provide the clarity to make a good choice.

Is Concierge Mental Healthcare Right For Everyone?

Who should consider concierge mental health care? A few simple questions can answer this issue:

  • Do you find yourself frustrated by the delayed response time and scheduling of traditional therapy?
  • Are privacy, confidentiality, and trust priorities for your mental health care?
  • Do you require a degree of flexibility that is not available in traditional therapy settings?
  • Do you want a more collaborative, personalized treatment plan that you feel a part of creating?
  • Are you tired of feeling judged, or lacking compassion from your current support system?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, taking a closer look at the benefits of concierge mental health care can be the start of a new journey towards happiness.

What Is Concierge Mental Health Care?

red poolside chairs with bowl of apples between themConcierge mental health care is a revolutionized form of therapy service that removes the boxes and refocuses on personalized care. In a summarized description, patients pay a yearly fee or membership in exchange for customized, more accessible therapy.

The benefits of concierge mental health care are plenty and these services can be tailored to the exact needs of each patient. The typical list of advantages includes:



Most therapists operate within standard business hours, with a long list of clients all trying to schedule appointments. Scheduling a half-hour long appointment can mean waiting two to four weeks from the time of scheduling to the actual appointment. What about those who need immediate attention during a sudden crisis, breakdown, or big decision making?

Concierge mental healthcare providers accept fewer patients, which means more availability for those they work with. In addition, they conduct therapy sessions on their patient’s time with longer business hours, over-the-phone sessions, and walk-in or next day scheduling plans.


No receptionist desk, insurance companies, or third-party payers means that patients not only have quicker access to their provider but also get to enjoy a greater degree of privacy. Many therapists also offer house-calls and phone sessions that bypass the need for going into the office.


Concierge mental healthcare avoids treatment plans that are standardized or dictated by insurance companies. Instead, concierge mental healthcare allows each patient to tailor their plan to match their lifestyle. Because these providers offer longer sessions, they can explore various therapies in-depth rather than ‘quick-fix’ prescriptions or basic treatment plans.

Choosing a concierge mental healthcare provider results in better care and a more trusting relationship between patient and therapist. Explore concierge mental healthcare in your area and discover a new way to support your mental health and success.