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Welcome to Introspection Beverly Hills

A Professional Psychological Corporation, where we specialize in diagnosing and treating adult mood disorders (depression, anxiety, mania), trauma and stressor-related disorders (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), and personality disorders (borderline, narcissistic, and obsessive-compulsive personalities).

In our hectic world, it is easy to lose sight of who you really are. You might feel unhappy, on-edge, directionless, and lonely without understanding what is keeping you so stuck and stalled. Sometimes, it may seem as though your emotions have too much power over your choices and your life.

You don’t have to settle for a life half-lived. In a warm, trusting, collaborative, and non-judgmental space, you can embark on an empowering journey of self-discovery. With curiosity, self-compassion, and commitment to the process, you can unlock your innate strength and wisdom. Then, you can let go of limitations and live in service of your truest self.

At Introspection Beverly Hills, we welcome you as you are. Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, or relationship issues, we work closely with you to find the answers you need to heal and thrive.

Don’t wait to embrace all that your life can offer. Take a moment to explore my website, where you can learn more about my specialties, approach, practice, and background.

Then, once you are ready to greet your truest self, contact me. We look forward to working with you!

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Alaleh “Allie” K. Selkirk, Ph.D.
Founder, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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How We Can Help You


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Acknowledge the realities of stress and despair and figure out how to manage them.

Click here to learn more about Depression Therapy.

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Listen to your instincts and invest time in your own needs.

Click here to learn more about Anxiety Treatment.

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Traumatic events and experiences take many forms.

Click here to learn more about Trauma Therapy.

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Interpersonal Relationships

Perhaps you don’t understand why you can’t find where you belong.

Click here to learn more about Interpersonal Relationship Therapy.

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Are you struggling to get quality sleep?

Click here to learn more about Sleep Therapy.


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Psychodiagnostic Assessment & Treatment

Learn how our doctors work with you to diagnose and formulate a treatment plan that’s right for you.

Click here to learn more about Psychodiagnostic Assessment & Treatment.

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Plastic Surgery Mental Health Evaluation & Follow-Up Treatment

Learn more about how our doctors can help you manage your expectations before and after scheduled plastic surgery.

Click here to learn more about the Plastic Surgery Evaluation.

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Bariatric Surgery Mental Health Evaluation & Follow-Up Treatment

This assessment helps manage the patient’s perceptions and expectations regarding the surgery.

Click here to learn more about Bariatric Surgery Mental Health Evaluation & Follow-Up Treatment.

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MMPI Personality Assessment

MMPI is a personality test that can only be administered by a licensed psychologist.

Click here to learn more about MMPI.

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Adult ADHD Evaluation

Learn more about how our doctors can help you if you suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder .

Click here to learn more about the Adult ADHD Evaluation.

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Peer Consultation For Healthcare Providers

There are numerous reasons why medical, dental, or surgical doctors may seek peer consultation from a mental Health Specialist such as a Psychologist.

Click here to learn more about Peer Consultation For Healthcare Providers

The Concierge Experience

The Concierge Experience encompasses a level of service above and beyond that provided in the regular membership. Only a limited number of Concierge memberships are available. Membership at this level is highly exclusive and entails an additional assessment process beyond the initial consultation session and the psychodiagnostic assessment. For more information please inquire during your initial consultation session.



Would you recommend Dr. Selkirk to others? Why?

“I would 100% recommend Dr. Selkirk to anyone I know. Dr. Selkirk is an excellent clinician and it shows through even with the most challenging patients.”

-Carrie H. Profitt, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“I have experienced Dr. Selkirk as extremely professional and competent. It is evident that she cares deeply about her patients and their healing and recovery. She is the kind of Psychologist that I would trust with the care of those I love most.”

-Courtney A. Pollman-Turner, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Lieutenant, U.S. Navy

“I worked with Dr. Selkirk for several years. I am honored to have her as my colleague and fortunate that she had graciously offered to continue working with several of my patients after I had to relocate. Of particular concern were several patients with whom I had built a strong therapeutic alliance and who I worried would have difficulties working with a new therapist. Dr. Selkirk made the transition seamless. She showed empathy and understanding for my patients’ concerns. During the transition period, it became evident that my patients were doing very well and had started to develop a strong alliance with Dr. Selkirk. Her ability to quickly establish a sound therapeutic relationship with patients and her impeccable knowledge of assessment, diagnosis and therapeutic interventions along with her patience and empathy allowed me to feel confident that my patients would be taken care of. To any individual who is facing a challenging life situation, who is seeking self-improvement or who is struggling with mental health related issues, I would highly recommend seeking out Dr. Selkirk’s services. In my experience, her genuine care and expertise will serve you well and will set the stage for a brighter future.”

-Sandra A. Pahl, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“Dr. Selkirk has been a colleague for several years and despite having left the clinic some months ago is still getting by-name requests for follow up visits from her old patients. She created a safe and comfortable environment from which her patients were able to identify, interpret, and explore pieces of themselves without fear of judgement or reprimand. I would recommend her to the closest of friends.”

-Melanie E. Roberson, M.D., Psychiatrist, Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy

“I had the privilege of working with Dr. Selkirk for two years while we both worked at Naval Hospital Pensacola.  During that time I came to respect her interest in and devotion to her patients, regardless of rank or station.  Her patients consistently submitted high ratings, which reflected her warmth, clinical skills and willingness to listen…  ”

-David Dean, Ed.D., Senior Psychologist

“…Dr. Selkirk helped the patient work through her past painful memories to find a place of healing and comfort. After I returned from my deployment, I got to touch base with my former patient.   She shared with me how grateful she was to have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Selkirk while I was gone. She shared how working with Dr. Selkirk had helped her find meaning, purpose, and joy in her life again. She thanked me for referring her to Dr. Selkirk, the perfect provider for her during such a challenging time…”

-Wade T. Keckler, Psy.D., ABPP, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Public Health Service